This Week In WordPress: Apr 15, 2013

JavaScript Plugin for Responsive Navigation

When something gets sent through the gauntlet of 60+ mobile devices and comes out clean, we tend to take it pretty seriously. That’s why “Responsive Nav” is on our list and many other WordPress lists this week. While it’s a plugin that’s not specific to WordPress, it would be pretty easy to integrate with a standard theme. Accessibility and touch sensitivity in mind, Responsive Nav is worth a look.

Audio Video Support In The Core

One of our links last week basically said “don’t host your own videos in WordPress,” opting instead for some kind of content delivery system, whether it be YouTube, Vimeo or what have you. News is now out that WordPress 3.6 will allow you to add video through your media library and into a post easier than it’s ever been before. Piggybacking on MediaElement.js, the audio video format looks to continue the on-going discussion of “where should I host my media?” No matter what your take on where to host it, fact remains that it’s awesome to have audio video support in the core.

BuddyPress 1.7 Is Now Available

In releases this week we have BuddyPress 1.7, coming out with lots of bug fixes, new social features, and new features in general. I haven’t personally tested out the update, but have heard good things and look forward to trying it later in the week. What’s your favorite part of the update?

Compare Front End Frameworks

There are hundreds of front-end frameworks or starting points on the web today and it can be tough to know which are best for your project. Lucky for you, has made a great comparison chart of the top frameworks out there. From well-known Foundation to lesser-known Gumby, each framework shows browser support (which versions of IE), whether you can use LESS or Sass, and if the framework is responsive. I’m planning on testing out 1KB Grid after perusing this list.

WordPress Plugin Social Media Widget

It’s been an interesting week security-wise with WordPress and the folks over at Securi have added an extra bonus to “things to watch out for.” The Social Media Widget has been found to inject spam and other nasty things into your WordPress install and will eat it alive if not removed immediately. It may not be quite that extreme, but it takes a lot for a plugin to be removed from the WordPress plugin directory and that’s the case here.

Super Botnet Attack On WordPress

If you were under a rock this weekend then you might not know about the large-scale botnet attack on WordPress sites. Folks are speculating that the botnet was designed to help make a larger, heftier botnet that could essentially take down the internets. The extent of how true that is doesn’t really matter, but what does matter is how you protect yourself. The main attacks were through the admin username with passwords being pounded in until there was success. Ways to prevent attacks? Get rid of the “admin” username, add a login attempt lockout system and install some security. I personally favor WordFence and made sure it was installed on all of my WordPress sites. You can never be too careful, so buckle up and keep your eyes peeled.

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MaxButtons Roundup: April 12, 2013 WordPress Buttons and Free Icons

Hello Max Foundry Fans! This week we’ve created more colorful buttons packs for you to use on your website and blogs. If you’re looking for great value, our best deal is the All-In-One package, which gets you everything we have for only $100. This includes the MaxButtons Pro plugin, the 90 current button packs, and all new button packs for one year. You save a whopping 78% compared to buying everything individually, regularly valued at $465.

WordPress Buttons

Skinny Colorful WordPress Buttons

Skinny Colorful Buttons

This colorful pack of web buttons features a total of 25 buttons with mini black icons and simple text. Some of the buttons include: Download, Start Here, Facebook, Twitter, Subscribe, Print Page and more!

Red Check Social WordPress Buttons

Red Check Social Buttons

These 18 social media buttons feature a white layout with round red icons and red text with a fun font. The social media sites and platforms represented are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, Flickr, RSS, LinkedIn and Instagram. For each icon, there is an icon only and icon plus text button.


Free Icon Sets

Free Icons
   Free Icons   Free Icons

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This Week In WordPress: Apr 8, 2013

WordPress 3.6 Beta 1

The new age is upon us. After roughly three months of work, the first Beta for WordPress 3.6 is here, along with a bit of a redesign (take a look). New to 3.6 is a focus on making Post Formats more accessible to both users and developers, with developers gaining access to templating functions that was not previously available. More than 150 people have already contributed to 3.6 and if you start testing now, you could add on to that number and make the next release even better.

WordPress 3.6 What To Look Forward To

Even though the post came out over a month ago, the overview of what to look forward to in WordPress 3.6 seems fitting with the release of beta 1. Covering all the main points, WPMU gives a few screenshots of how easy the new post format system is really going to make things. Definitely take a gander at the overview and then play with the beta to see how much things change in just one month!

8 Guidelines and 1 Rule For Responsive Images

Responsive media. It’s hard. Some people are starting to get really good at it though and Jason Grigsby is one of those people. After working on a site with more than 800,000 images and getting them to be responsive, he has some great tips on how you can “retrofit” any site no matter how daunting responsive media may be. Grigsby does warn to not get too attached to the tricks you come up with because once standards catch up, there will be a “right way.”

Bootstrap WYSIWYG

What’s better than a WYSIWYG for Boostrap? A WYSIWYG for Bootstrap that is under 5K. No bulky buttons, no mangled JS or jQuery, just HTML5 and jQuery working in harmony to create a great tool for Bootstrap content editors. At under 5K and available for forking, this is definitely a nice project to at least take a look at.

Video Hosting and WordPress – How To Do It Right

At WordCamp Toronto someone asked me about how I host videos (it was a talk on responsive design and I had been discussing elastic videos) and I told them I don’t, but I couldn’t really flesh out a response as to why. Thankfully this article from Design is Philosophy was able to put into words what I could not. The post covers reasons not to host your own videos (bandwidth, storage, etc) and covers a few services that are helpful in presenting video. I’ve not personally used any besides YouTube, but have heard good things about Kaltura and Viddler.

10 Reasons to Use WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

If you’re not using any kind of SEO plugin on your WordPress site, then you’re probably doing it wrong. Themes that come with “Built-in SEO” functionality can be nice, but what happens when you switch themes? This past week, Steam Feed took a look at the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress, which as of this writing has over 4 million downloads (numbers don’t lie). I use the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast for my personal sites and Max Foundry uses it across our whole network of sites. It’s easy to set up, easy to use and gets results. Give it a try.

MaxButtons Roundup: April 5, 2013

This week we’ve shared Lilac Buttons, a lovely option for website actions with a female touch. Spring is in the air and the smell of lilacs will be here soon. Stay tuned next week for new Call-to-Action button packs! Be sure to take a look at all of the free icons.

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MaxButtons Roundup: April 5, 2013 WordPress Buttons and Free Icons

Good morning, are the birds chirping where you are? This week we’ve shared Lilac Buttons, a lovely option for website actions with a female touch. Spring is in the air and the smell of lilacs will be here soon. Stay tuned next week for new Call-to-Action button packs!

WordPress Buttons

Lilac WordPress Buttons

Lilac Buttons

This pack features 18 buttons is a pretty purple lilac color. Includes: Shop Now!, Free Trial, Add to Wish List, Media Releases, Send Message, Like This, Clearance, My Account and more!



Free Icon Sets

Free Icons
   Free Icons   Free Icons

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This Week In WordPress: Apr 1, 2013

bbPress 2.3 Release Candidate 1

At long last, forum-specific search functionality is coming to bbPress. Onward and upward, the new release candidate hopes to address former forum concerns and help you focus more on getting you away from other forum tools and into bbPress.

BuddyPress 1.7 Release Candidate 1

Unsurprisingly, the same day bbPress release candidate was announced, BuddyPress announced its new release candidate as well. Like the bbPress update, BuddyPress hopes to address some major grievances that have been filed including “smoothing out the installation and update experiences.” Thorough testing has been done to make updating from previous versions easy on your buns, but there are always kinks, which will hopefully be fixed up before the final release.

Plugins in WordPress Multisite

If you’ve ever tried activating a theme or plugin in WordPress Multisite, you know that it can be a bit tricky. Everyone’s first time seems to be rough and Chris Lema takes you through how to find, activate and use your multisite plugins quickly and easily. Very helpful for those who have never ventured into the multisite world.

Designing for High Resolution Retina Displays

Retina displays have become pretty big in resolution and popularity. So how do we keep up with designing for all screens when we range from pixels in the 320s to pixels in the 2000s? Lee Munroe takes you through his experience with high resolution devices and some things to keep in mind when designing for big. Image size, in pixels and bytes are discussed in depth along with some caveats.

Simple Social Icons

Speaking of retina displays, Simple Social Icons, a pack of icons we’ve discussed before, is now available for high-res devices. Simple Social Icons is a plugin with the standard social media icons that allow you to easily plug in your social media to any WordPress site. New social media icons are available as well, so give Simple Social Icons a gander if you’ve yet to do so.

Sysinfo Plugin

From the minds of Dave Donaldson here at Max Foundry and Tom McFarlin of 8BIT comes a plugin to help plugin developers and supporters all over. The sysinfo plugin takes a look at your WordPress installation and identifies activated plugins, WordPress version, the current theme, memory limit, and much more. This is definitely something to check out if you’ve ever tried to troubleshoot a plugin issue, but didn’t know the users WordPress system information. A great tool made by some great guys. It’s only got 24 downloads, so show some love and try it out.

April Fools CSS

A bit too late to actually pull any pranks, but Wes Bos put together a nice list of CSS (mainly CSS3) things you can do to “prank” site visitors. From turning your website completely upside down to flipping images and blurring the screen every 30 seconds, there was something in the CSS file for everyone. Past the prank side of it, it’s a pretty nice collection of little things that can be done to sites that you might now have thought of otherwise.

Featured Image from: WP Wallpapers

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