This Week In WordPress: Apr 22, 2013

WordPress Plugins – Be The Author

Samuel Wood takes a look at how to take advantage of some Google snippet magic to better promote yourself and your free WordPress Repository plugin. I won’t go into the details but the tutorial is definitely something plugin developers should check out. I mean, who wouldn’t want better Google recognition?

Pressgram Successfully Backed and Funded

A week ago today, the WordPress community successfully wrapped up funding for one Mr. John Saddington, who set out to create an awesome photo app, akin to Instagram, that let’s you have “complete creative control and publishing freedom with the ability to publish filtered photos directly to your WordPress blog!” The app is set to be released in August of this year and will be all of $0. I’m excited that this went through (since I like backing things that succeed) and am excited to see where it goes. Congrats John!

Recurring Content In WordPress Themes

Having access to Twenty Thirteen early, the theme that will be released with 3.6, is refreshing our minds on how to grab different parts of our content. In this post, Jesper writes about the hierarchy of template files when using get_template_part. From new to seasoned dev, this tutorial gives a fresh look at “abstracting functionality from structure” and WordPress logic.

A Look At WordPress 3.6

As the final touches are being put on WordPress 3.6, WPLift takes another look at the updates that will be rolled out around the end of the month. Post formats is still a big one and I’m curious to see what theme developers will do with this new freedom. I’m sure we’ll see a few “Tumblr-esque” themes. Another area of improvement is in the Edit Post screen. If someone else hops in while you are working, you’ll get a notice that they’ve taken over. Wonder who edited your post? You’ll have access to the log of revisions. Pretty cool stuff for collaborating, especially if you’re a part of a large network of writers. A great look ahead from WPLift, yet again.

WP Migrate DB Pro

Migrating a database can be a bit of a time-suck, so the good folks at Delicious Brains have made it easy for you. With just a few simple clicks, you can backup, prepare and migrate your database from one site to another. Pricing varies from $19 to $99 and is worth a look if you’ve ever pulled your hair out over a database move.


We’ve all done it. We’ve pushed CSS live knowing full well that it’s not clean or refactored. Point was, it needed to get done and now it is. Harry Roberts takes a look at something he calls “shame.css” or the CSS file where you put all the “hacky” styling you had to write quickly. The idea behind it is that if we put our shameful CSS in one location, we’ll remember to refactor later on and tie it back in with the actual CSS. Cool and simple idea.

jQuery 2.0 Released!

jQuery has waved it’s final goodbye to IE8 and below. jQuery 2.0 will no longer support the legacy browsers, in favor of keeping the codebase lean and fast. For a full list of changes, you can take a look at the changelog, or just enjoy the new and shiny code.

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