This Week In WordPress: Apr 29, 2013

WordPress Search Plugin

The built-in search functionality of WordPress is pretty good right? While fairly standard, you may not know that other options exist, like Swiftype. WPMU takes a look at the VIP-approved plugin and tells you the best parts about the search tool. Best part to me is the ability to re-order your search results to make sure people are actually getting to the correct information. Worth a look, especially since it’s free.

What Font

What good is site design without good fonts? With so many fonts out there, it can be hard to determine which sexy font you are looking at. Enter the WhatFont Browser tool. Add it to your browser, click on it and hover over any text to see which font is being used. Want some more information on that font? Just click and you get a dropdown with more info. Quite the timesaver if you ask me.

Update WP Super Cache and W3TC Immediately – Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Disclosed

You thought security breaches were over? Well think again Mr. Optimist, Sucuri released a post this past week showing a major vulnerability in two of the largest caching plugins on the free plugin market. The developers have since fixed the issue and Sucuri urges you to update as soon as humanly possible. Updating will prevent the ability to pass PHP functions through to your site.

WordPress Community Crowd Funding

The Kickstarter of WordPress projects is on its way. Pippin Williamson and other members of the WordPress community have been pushing for something like this for a while now and WP Fund It is finally getting some legs. Plugins, themes and other goodies that will make the WordPress community more awesome are on the list of items to be produced. Other possible “products” include in-depth coverage of particular WordPress topics, contributing to the Codex or even funding a WordPress business to make an amazing product. All projects will undergo a review process before becoming active, to prevent shady dealings.

Codeshare – Live Code Sharing

I haven’t really figured out what Codeshare is good for yet, besides maybe talking through something at a dev meetup, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. By sharing a URL, you and your friends can have a nice little live coding session to flesh out an idea you’ve been working on or any other number of things. The sky is the limit with Codeshare, which includes over 70+ languages of syntax highlighting. What do you see Codeshare being useful for?

How to Setup Pingdom’s Real User Monitoring System

If you’ve ever used Pingdom to track your site’s up-time/down-time, this should get you pretty excited. Now, along with tracking aforementioned up, down-time, you can track real user interactions. Losing people because of slow load times? Track it with Pingdom RUM and see where your servers are getting slow on you. There’s already a WordPress plugin available, but you can add RUM in manually with a snippet of code. I’m big on statistics, so this is going on all my sites later today.

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