This Week In WordPress: May 6, 2013

Happy belated May The Fourth Be With You. We’re starting to dive even deeper into the prep for the WordPress 3.6 release and hope you are getting excited as well. But enough chit-chat, here are the links!

WordPress 3.6 Beta 2

WordPress 3.6 is on the horizon which means more betas! 3.6 Beta 2 came out this past week and is ready for you to tear it apart. I must admit that the new code for calling post format content is a bit confusing at first, but once you dive into Twenty Thirteen (the standard 3.6 theme) it gets a bit easier. While the post formats may seem a bit Tumblr-esque to some, I see it as a new opportunity in terms of solidifying WordPress as a CMS.

Sky Fonts

Use ALL THE FONTS! That should have been the motto with the release of Sky Fonts, the desktop version of Google Web Fonts, which essentially allows you to use all of the fonts in the Google web font library without having to download each one individually. This post from WP Daily takes a look at how to get up and running with Sky Fonts. So if you’re sick of having to peruse Google Web Fonts then waste time downloading the fonts you like, give this and Google web fonts co-op a try.

The Most Exciting Feature of WordPress 3.6: Native Audio and Video Support

If you’ve not been following anything about WordPress 3.6, the biggest change is the change to Post Formats. Previously they fell to the sidebar in the post edit page, but no longer. They are front and center and extremely prominent, making it easy for anyone to post in the format of their choosing. Most notably is the native support for audio and video. Relying on the powers of MediaElement.js, 3.6 will allow you to post an audio or video file and then distribute across most browsers properly (super legacy browsers not included).

MP6 1.0 – Admin Theme

This has been a great spring for WordPress-related topics. Paralleling the work on 3.6 is a new idea called MP6, which is basically an admin theme for WordPress, unlike any admin panel you’ve seen before. The project is now in its tenth iteration and can be downloaded for anyone to use. This could be the first of many admin themes we see in the coming year, or it might just be so good we don’t see any others. What do you think?

CSS Architectures: Refactor Your CSS

How much do you know about CSS Architectures? The answer is probably not enough. Denise Jacobs gives a very thorough overview of some of the top architectures, how to use them to their full ability and other ways to help improve your CSS overall. It’s a pretty in-depth read and may be over the heads of some. One thing’s for sure is that there is much to be gleaned from the article. Through deductive reasoning, see which architecture will work best for you and keep your CSS the cleanest.

A WordPress Business Built On Selling Buttons

Episode 24 of The Matt Report hosted our own Dave Donaldson discussing the idea behind Max Foundry. A look at both the marketing and development sides of our plugins. How the simple idea of Buttons turned into much more. For those of you that haven’t checked out The Matt Report he has some great interviews with other top voices in the WordPress community.

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